Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pottery and Mixed Media Beads

I have really had fun lately adding metal accents to my pottery beads using tiny micro screws and nuts.  It has really been a fun addition to my designs. I like cobalt blue and silver so made these cuff beads with a abstract design. 

Pottery and Metal Beads

Look at the tiny nuts on the back of this bead.
 Using one of my cuff beads and a little bit of chain I actually made a cuff bracelet for myself.  It is a simple design but it looks great with my favorite denim skirt. The chain is recycled from a necklace I picked up at Kohl's for 70% off.  It had a lot of mixed matched chains perfect for taking apart and re-purposing into a fun new design. 

 I also made some mixed media pottery beads in faux leather finish and fireluster. I found some really cool brass beads to add to these with my micro screw and nuts.

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