Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Beautiful Cross Pendants

Patty is a stay at home mom to four boys - she has been creating for as long as she can remember.  She adores romantic sentimental Victorian jewelry, charm bracelets, colored pearls, birds,vintage hearts, padlocks and lockets. She also has a more Bohemian side which loves Czech glass, silk and bright colors.

I love what she did with some of my cross beads and wanted to share them with you.  

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Succulent Pots

I have been busy making some new items including succulent pots and coasters.  The pottery pots are hand built with a organic feel, with lots of curves and crevices in free form designs. I wanted them to look as they were part of the desert part of the earth, holding a tiny treasure of a hardy succulent or cactus. Made of clay, shaped, dried, fired, glazed inside and out and fired again before becoming a one of a kind pot. They are glazed with a food safe glaze and should be hand washed only. Available in several colors, there are holes at the bottom for drainage. Available in my shop, the succulent in the photos are not included and are only there to help showcase the potential of the pots.   Succulents are available at your local nursery and can be easily added to the pot. The pots are not intended for children.

Also handmade coasters, a classy way to protect your furniture from your favorite drink, the back is cork to further protect your furniture.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Colors

I have several new glazes, fun colors with a hint of sparkle.  The colors have a lot of dimension and texture even though the glaze is smooth.  Rich tones of green, blue and a tomato red.  I have a few more but I haven't had time to fire those pieces yet.  Listed in my shop with lots more options.

This shade sure looks great with turquoise

Also two new this purple shades.  The first is more of a cranberry and the second a true deep purple.

Please send me photos of your finished products using my beads and I will post them on a upcoming blog.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

No shoes for the shoe makers children, no jewerly for the bead making potter

Have you ever heard the old proverb about the shoemaker who was so busy making shoes for his customer that his children went without shoes. Well that applies to me, except my children have shoes I just don't often have time to make myself jewelry.  Which is silly considering I have 100's of beads and supplies.  
So here goes a crazy story....
I went last week with a pottery cuff bead to the local craft store to buy a few beads to coordinate with one of my sea green beads, which are actually more brown than green but that's the glaze color so to keep me from being confused I use the glaze name.
ramble --- ramble  
While I am holding my bead up to the round beads on display trying to find a match while frustrated with the terrible fluorescent lighting blaring down from over head.  A nice lady shopping at the same time commented on how much she liked the bead and she proceeds to tell me that she donates 100's of bracelets to benefit cancer patients.  Knowing I had more of this bead I offered her the bead as a gift, which she declined but instead wanted me to make her a bracelet with the beads I had just chosen and the cuff bead tin hand.  
So I made this for the nice lady and I will get it to her later this week.  
LOL  I am glad she is getting a treat for herself since she gives so much to others.
Now on to the shoe proverb...
I made her a bracelet, I made one for a friend and I made a handful for a donation to a scholarship fund raiser.
Wait, I didn't make one for me yet.
But I will...

I did not take photos of the process but wanted to explain the details.
Open up a jump ring for each side of the bead, then I knot the elastic thread onto the jump ring and I hide the knot in the cone shaped bead next to the jump ring.  I then thread on how many beads you need for your wrist side and end with another cone.  I then stretch the elastic and tie a knot which I loop on to the other jump ring and that knot is hid under the cone.  I close up the jump rings, and apply a dot of glue to the elastic knots, let the glue dry overnight and then cut the end of the elastic that is left from tying the knot.  I can make one in about 15 minutes.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bracelets Ready for Summer

What a delightful bit of eye candy!!!  Lyn Schultz sent me these photos of the bracelets she made recently with my beads.  I love the colors she used and her little details.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  If you have photos of your designs using my beads please share and I will add them to the blog.  Happy May! Cindy

Monday, April 17, 2017

Beautiful Bohemian Necklace

Marlee Loves Roxy made a striking necklace with tiny Czech beads and one of my cross pendant beads.  It is a lovely design that would compliment many outfits.  Please shop her store for beautiful romantic Boho pieces.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Succulent Pots

I just love all the succulents you can buy at the local plant stores and the great variety that is available.  I made a bunch of little pots to display these wonderful specimens.  They are all small about 3 x 3 inches and are glazed in a copper brown that has gold flecks or sparkles.   The pots are hand built with a organic feel, with curves and crevices in free form designs.  Made of clay, shaped, dried, fired, glazed inside and out and fired again before becoming one of a kind pots.  They were glazed with a food safe glaze and should be hand washed only.  The pots are listed in my shop, the succulent are not included and are only shown to help showcase the potential of the pot.  Succulents are available at your local nursery and can be easily added to the pot.