Monday, December 26, 2016

Mixed Media-Pottery and Weaving

I just finished some pendants where I added holes in order to be able to weave in the opening.  I will be listing the pendant frames in the shop soon.  You will be able to weave the middle yourself.  I wanted to give you a peek at them and a brief tutorial.
Each of the pendants has an odd number of holes.  Take embroidery thread, or thin wire and start with one hole and cross over to the opposite side.

Continue in a clock like fashion of crossing over to the other side until you have used all the holes.  At this point I tied off the thread and later added a dot of glue to insure it would stay tied.
A image of the back.

A image of the front.  I then took yarn that I had and used a bobby pin to make it easier to weave the yarn over and under the thread.

With this image you can see the design starting to take shape.  Continue to weave over and under to fill as much of the opening as you desire.
I left a tail of the original thread and then added a yarn where I wove over the first thread to help secure it.  I like the contrast of the texture adding the yarn.

Another shot of the front and I think I could have event added some seed beads as I was putting in the original threads so they would have hit at the holes if I wanted to add a little more texture and bling.

 When I was done with the yarn I tied it off in the back and added a dot of glue to secure the knot so it wouldn't unravel later.

Here is another example where I used a heavier cord for the base and sari ribbon to weave through the cord.

On this version I used a thin wire as the base for weaving and added a ribbon and a fuzzy yarn.

A close up of the one I used for the tutorial and below all three examples together.  I think you could add a ribbon or leather cord and wear as is or let your imagination run wild.

I will have these in my shop soon.

Lyn from 2Simplify sent me these photos of two bracelets she made using some of my Elli beads and I wanted to share these as well.  Notice the cure coin and charms she used on the back of this piece, when you do something similar with your designs it helps to balance the weight of the piece and lessens the chance that the bracelet will turn on your wrist as you wear it.

This is the worldly mix color, one of my favorites and the texture was made with a vintage piece of tatting.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Tale of Two Texas Gals

Another Texas gal, Kerry Best with Kerry Best Designs is from Allen Texas about three hours North of me.  She has been making some great wrapped designs with my cuff beads.  Kerry commented on using my Captured Moments Pottery Beads " I'm also in Texas and love making all kinds of jewelry, but beaded wraps are probably my favorite. Your cuff beads really add a unique look, and everyone loves the quotes. The last set was so popular, I sold them before they were finished."   Well you can see why they sold so quickly as they really are cute.  Kerry has other fun wraps in her shop at Etsy.  If you have photos of designs you have made using my pieces send them to me so I can showcase them on the blog.  If you have sent photos in the past and I haven't used them please send them again.  Enjoy!

This one is in Stormy Blue

Malachite Green
Copper Brown

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Design in Stringing Magazine

I was flipping through my Jewelry Stringing Magazine Fall 2016 and found one of my focal cuff beads that was featured in the magazine.  I am unsure who submitted the piece to the magazine but congratulations for being published.  I some new designs I hope to photograph and list soon.  It is a challenge to cover all aspects of the business from making, firing, glazing, photographing, listing and blogging.  I appreciate all my customers and love seeing the designs they make with my Captured Moments Pottery Beads.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Where have I been?

Hello, It has been way too long since I have posted.  We started the process of moving late last year and we have successfully done so now, if you don't count the boxes I need to unpack or the art that needs to be hung....OR you get the idea.

I have bowls full of beads that I finally photographed yesterday and I will be posting them as soon as I can. 

Also I have had some lovely designs sent to me by customers, and if you sent me some photos and I have not posted them then please re-send and I will post soon.

Here are some great bracelets made by Susan Dorado with Blue Licorice using some of my cuff pottery beads.  Her shop on Etsy has lots of cute designs.  I appreciate her sharing these photos with me.
Aromatherapy bead used on this design

This image shows the back of the bead where you can add essential oils

I really like the double strand that she has used in this design

This is the Elli bead in copper brown with the whimsy design

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This one has such an earthy feel to it and it is accented with a cut Karma bead

This design was made by Anna Brasher, it is a unique mix of leather and peals and one of my pendant cross beads.

A sneak peek of some beads I will list soon.  These have a nature theme to them.

Dandelion pendant bead

Great earthy feel of land and water

This one reminds me of the Japanese wave paintings