Friday, September 20, 2013

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys Pottery Cuff Bead

My new "My heroes have always been Cowboys" Pottery cuff bead

     This Cowboy on a Horse in one of my Elli pottery cuff beads.  I call these Ellis as they are Elliptical or Oval.  I really like how they turned out.  I am also excited to soon be wearing my fantastic cuff bracelet made featuring this cowboy bead.  Brenda from Beaded River Jewelry made me the fantastic cuff and sent me a sneak peek photos of my bracelet.  I have wanted one of these wrap style bracelets for quite a while.  And after Brenda sent me a photo of one she made with one of my  "If the boot fits" beads, (see past post).  I had to have her make me a wrap cuff with this handsome cowboy.  Now I am like a kid at Christmas patiently waiting for my new goodie.  
     Brenda sent me a note, "Here's our guy! He's made of my favorite Picasso finished tube beads that look old and rustic like they've been buried in the dirt for a couple of hundred years. I hope you like him. He's sporting a bit of some of my old jeans too.
     Like him I love him, and since I seldom take off my jewelry when I am working with pottery it will have some real dirt on it soon.
    I hope you enjoy a sneak peek at my new treat.  Later, Cindy
Lovely new piece designed and made by Beaded River Jewelry on Etsy
LOVE The Star button especially since I am from the Lone Star State 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beautiful Christian Jewelry

The focal bead is a Carmine
I jokingly call my beads THE KIDS, and as a parent we hate to see our kids leave the house but it is fun to see them all grown up.  Lora Dalton ADOPTED some of THE KIDS...LOL.  And has raised them in a good Christian home.  Joking aside, I do love making Christian beads, along with the Rodeo beads and fancy beads that I have in my shop.  Lora was kind enough to send some gorgeous photo of some pieces she has recently made with my pottery beads.  Lora has a new shop on Etsy, Jeremiah 29:11 Jewelry.  Lora is a Christian artist who lives in Lees Summit, Missouri and she loves to create and repurpose jewelry and fashion items. 
Focal bead is one of the popular fish beads in my shop

This blue beauty features a Carmine bead also

Happy Girls are the Prettiest Bead

She added a cross detail to this Carmine bead in Malachite Green

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tutorial for an Easy Peasy Cuff Bracelet

Hello, Oh how I love cuff bracelets, I actually feel undressed if I am not wearing some type of bracelet.  I made this great bracelet it took only 15 minutes or so.  I love that the beads can unhook and you can change it to a totally new look quickly.

Tools & Supplies:

Leather cuff
Micro Screws and Nuts
Decorative Ends
2 Large Jump Rings
2 Smaller Jump Rings
1 Elli Bead 
2 Lobster Claws
Leather Punch
Small Screw Driver
Wire Cutters
The layout

Take the leather bracelet and measure from each end 2 1/2 inches this is where the holes will be punched to screw in the Decorative Ends.  Punch a tiny hole with the leather punch and then screw the decorative ends to the leather using micro screws and nuts.  If the ends are too long they can be cut with wire cutters and filed smooth with a file.  

Attach a small jump ring to the single end of the decorative end and attach a lobster claw, repeat on other side.  

Take Elli bead and attach one large jump ring to each end.  The bead will feel loose on the leather when layed flat but will be snug with the bracelet is snapped.  If you use another size bead be sure and measure the middle and attach all hardware and hold up to the snapped cuff to help determine where the decorative ends should be attached.

Here you can see the microw screws and nuts through the leather back

Finished Piece
To complete bracelet just attach the lobster claws to the jumprings on each side of the bead.

Front view

Next I changed the bead to one of the Boho Flower beads and I have a totally new look.

Another great cuff design using my pottery cuff beads.  The lovely bracelet below was designed by Brenda her Etsy shop is Beaded River Jewelry.  She makes beautiful bracelets with beads and leather woven together. I just love the mix of pottery and leather.  I appreciate her allowing me to share these great photos with you.  If you have a design that you have made using my beads I would love to show them off on the blog, so please share photos soon you can send them in a Convo on Etsy.
Enjoy! Cindy