Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tutorial for Leather Cuff Bracelet

Honey Brown Mixed Media Cuff

This bracelet was accepted to be in the October Issue of Bead Trends.  Unfortunately, they are no longer publishing the magazine, so they sent it back to me.  Here is the tutorial I hope you enjoy making one similar.

The Inspiration:

Inspired by the love of vintage, this mixed media cuff features 2 vintage metal findings and a pottery bead in a metallic golden brown.  The pottery bead used on this cuff was handmade by me and is named after the most beautiful woman I know, my mom Zephyr.
The leather cuff is made using a cold connection process with micro screws.  A love of antiques and all things old becomes a show piece cuff bracelet.

Copper Brown Pottery Zephyr Bead from www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
2 Antique Victorian style brass stampings https://www.etsy.com/shop/2VintageGypsies
Leather 4x9 inch piece from Michaels
DIY Metal Jean Button Sewing Dept. of Michaels
6 brass daisy beads
6 micro screws and nuts www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
Leather Punch
Wood block
Small screw driver

1. Cut leather to 1 3/4x 9 inches, or smaller to fit your wrist.  Add jean button by punching a small starter hole at one end of the leather approx ½ inch from the end and centered.  Put the top ½ of the button through the top of the leather in to the punched hole and put the bottom ½ of the button on the bottom side of the leather aligning with the button top.  Place top side down on a block of wood and hammer it once or twice to secure.  Punch a small hole in the center of the other end of the leather ½ each from the end, and another at 1 inch from the end.  Cut down the center of the two holes to make a button hole for the jean button.
2. Determine the mid point of the leather, place the pottery Zephyr bead at the mid point and mark on the leather where the holes are.  Make a tiny hole with a leather punch, and then add a daisy bead and a micro screw thru the bead and secure on the back with a micro nut.  You could add E-6000 before attaching the screws for a more secure fit.  Repeat on the other side.
3. Attach a antique brass finding on either side of the pottery bead using the micro screw and daisy bead, securing on the back with a micro nut. The back of the micro screw can be sanded with a file if it is too long.