Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cold Connection Steampunk Rings

This week is Spring break in Texas.  I took my girls down to Mamaw and Pop's Farm for a little rest and relaxation and some time for the kids to run through the fields and play.  My little nephew who is almost seven years old had arrived earlier in the week and like usual, he could not wait for his cousins to arrive.  We had not been there but a few minutes when he ran to get something he had made the girls.  He had been playing in Pop's workshop and made rings and a ring holder for the girls.  He doesn't know what the word Steampunk or Cold Connection means but I think these ring designs are too cute not to share.  I hope you enjoy the work of my artistic nephew, Jeremy.  I hope you are inspired to bring out your inner child.
Cold Connection ring using old brass curtain rings, washers, and a nut.

The cold connection was made with masking tape.

This lovely ring was made with an old cabinet knob.

This one is a microphone ring; I think this one would be perfect for Lady GaGa's next concert.

And the perfect matching ring holder.

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