Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pottery and Mixed Media Beads

I have really had fun lately adding metal accents to my pottery beads using tiny micro screws and nuts.  It has really been a fun addition to my designs. I like cobalt blue and silver so made these cuff beads with a abstract design. 

Pottery and Metal Beads

Look at the tiny nuts on the back of this bead.
 Using one of my cuff beads and a little bit of chain I actually made a cuff bracelet for myself.  It is a simple design but it looks great with my favorite denim skirt. The chain is recycled from a necklace I picked up at Kohl's for 70% off.  It had a lot of mixed matched chains perfect for taking apart and re-purposing into a fun new design. 

 I also made some mixed media pottery beads in faux leather finish and fireluster. I found some really cool brass beads to add to these with my micro screw and nuts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Texas Bracelets

My local jewelry guild, Brazos Valley Jewelry Arts Guild or BVJAG has a quarterly challenge.  This quarters challenge was to use something "Green or Recycled" in your design.  I had just received new license plates a few weeks ago so I cut the word Texas off the old plate, and sanded the edges.  I then punched small holes and attached it to a leather cuff using silver daisy beads, micro screws, and nuts.  It is really comfortable to wear and reflective too.  
Cuff made with old recycled license plate and leather

 Here are some pottery Texas flag cuff beads I have in my Etsy shop.  I have made one of these in to a bracelet also.  I just love my state of Texas.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cold Connection Steampunk Rings

This week is Spring break in Texas.  I took my girls down to Mamaw and Pop's Farm for a little rest and relaxation and some time for the kids to run through the fields and play.  My little nephew who is almost seven years old had arrived earlier in the week and like usual, he could not wait for his cousins to arrive.  We had not been there but a few minutes when he ran to get something he had made the girls.  He had been playing in Pop's workshop and made rings and a ring holder for the girls.  He doesn't know what the word Steampunk or Cold Connection means but I think these ring designs are too cute not to share.  I hope you enjoy the work of my artistic nephew, Jeremy.  I hope you are inspired to bring out your inner child.
Cold Connection ring using old brass curtain rings, washers, and a nut.

The cold connection was made with masking tape.

This lovely ring was made with an old cabinet knob.

This one is a microphone ring; I think this one would be perfect for Lady GaGa's next concert.

And the perfect matching ring holder.

I found one of my beads in a magazine!

The other day, I was browsing magazines at our favorite bookstore.  When I opened this month's Belle Armoire Jewelry, I saw one of my little bird-egg bead connectors.  I did not get credit for it in the magazine but it is my bead.  It was used in a lovely spring time necklace.  I have these in my shop on Etsy and I have some of these made in the curved version that I will list soon.
My little egg bead, in the upper right corner.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silk Sari Ribbon

I just got a note from my friend LaShell who sells beautiful Sari Silk Ribbon, I use the ribbon when I make bracelets and pendants with my pottery beads and she has a lovely variety to choose from.  She is coming out with a new design using her silk and my beads so I will post a photo when she gets them done.  I the meanwhile here is a photo of one of her silk ribbons and it is available at She brags about me in this listing (Blush, Blush) thanks LaShell for bragging on me.
From Lashell "I have started doing funky necklaces with big hole african beads and big hole ceramic and clay beads from Her name is Cindy and she is an absolute wonderful artist to work with. She is very reasonable and can make the most wonderful beads for thicker sari ribbon like this. Cindy is my girl,,,right this very moment as I type this she is making me some discs that are going to blow the worlds socks off!! lol Cindy, I love you, and love what you do!!!!!! hugs to you,,,,,,GO CHECK OUT CINDY!"

Hello, Welcome to my blog.

My name is Cindy Kovar, I make and sell handcrafted pottery beads and pendants locally and on Etsy in my Captured Moments shop.  I hope people Capture a Moment and Express themselves with my designs.  I live in the great state of Texas and love the diversity of people, culture, landscape and food that Texas offers.  The challenging part of living in Texas is the summers but I survive the heat with lots of cold sweet iced tea and lemonade. 

               In my family no one claims the title of artist, yet my family is full of creative people.  I am a southern girl, and my Dad is a Blacksmith, Gardener, and a maker and inventor of sorts, he is very resourceful.  My Mom is a cook and baker, seamstress, decorator, and fixer of all things.  My siblings are equally talented with their own special skills.  My family is full of builders, quilters, cooks, farmers, gardeners, seamstress and other talents. From my earliest memories I have been creative, often spending my time and money getting supplies for my next project at the five and dime in my small rural hometown in Texas.  I have often been told I am talented but I feel everyone has their own talents and that they just have to find them and embrace them.  Being creative is the driving force that keeps me grounded, I am constantly reading, exploring, experimenting and trying something new.  I always have some project started, most often getting dirty during the process.  I am the proud mom of 2 wonderful girls, who are very creative. They paint, draw, weave, make jewelry, sculpt in clay and polymer clay and stay busy exploring their talents.  My husband and I have filled the walls of our home with our daughters’ art work and we enjoy seeing it every day.

               I am a blue jeans and boots kind of girl, where some women have a closet full of shoes; I have a closet full of boots.  Being from Texas I love Mexican food, the hotter the better!  The girls and I make Mexican food several times a week and we can homemade salsa by the gallons each summer. 

               I feel blessed to be able to have a small studio space and create beautiful beads and pendants for other creative people to add their own special touches.  I love it when a customer sends me a photo of what they did with my work and I often use it online as a sample with their permission.  The neat thing about pottery is that I am in control of the whole process from designing, making, and firing the pieces.  I strive to make quality pieces at an affordable price. 

             All my pieces start out as clay that is dug from Texas soil, I hand cut each piece, the beads dry and then are sanded and fired to cone 04 bisque, they are then glazed, re-fired to cone 06, checked and any rough spots from the firing stilts are removed, they are then photographed and packaged and listed for sale.  I have made many of the tools I use to create my pieces as well as most of my kiln furniture for firing the pieces. 

               I hope to share with you my pottery beads, other artist beads and creations.  I may share a great recipe from time to time.  And there will be some humor as there are never any dull moments here.  Thanks for reading my blog. Cindy

  Here are a few of my new beads available at 
Here are some lovely green beads just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Mixed media cuff bead with brass gears, these are attached with micro screw thru the pottery.

My new favorite quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
These are so fun, I have attached little daisy beads with the micro screws.

These fun steampunk beads are accented with a sterling plated gear on top.