Sunday, October 19, 2014

Introducing Belle

Belle is a new shape in my line of pottery cuff beads.  Why Belle? Much like a Southern Belle, this shape of pottery cuff bead is beautiful, with a flirtatious curve to hug your wrist.  She is also flamboyant in size much like the Southern Belles' hooped skirts and wide brimmed hats.  The bead is approx. 1 inch by 2 and 1/2 inches.  Available in many colors and textures. 
Aqua Fresca



TuTu Tango

Tamale Red

This design is by MagpieARTicles on Etsy, she used a 3 piece set for the pendant designs below. and added accent beads and antique brass chain.  Send me photos of what you create using my beads and I will post them on an upcoming blog. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ready for Fall

The weather finally dropped to the 70's here in Texas, wow Fall is on the way. In the spirit of Fall I have new designs that bring on the feel of the crisp air and the changes of seasons.  I have been having fun enjoying combining glazes to create Fall inspired combinations. Here are some of the new combinations.  I will have all posted in the shop soon.
Caribbean and Copper

Copper Brown and Autumn

Aqua and Tutu Tango
 This Boho inspired set includes a pottery cuff bead and a coordinating pendant bead.  The acorn cuff was made by making a mold of an real acorn from the oak trees in my yard.
         And more sets with a pottery cuff focal bead and a pendant bead.

Stormy Blue and Tidal Pool Green

Mocha Mint and Espresso
Black Ice and Bright Tamale Red

Mirror Blue and Autumn
 A feel of earth and sky above and just the earth below.
Espresso and Rare Earth Brown
A set of 4 pottery beads in a mix of matte and gloss black and a touch of red
The black and red set is a combination of matte and gloss black and red.  It is almost like a volcanic eruption, and the colors mix is gorgeous and earthy.  This would make a great set with metal or thread woven amongst the holes.  See most blog post below for a sample of this design in a combination of blues and greens.  I have more that I will be adding soon, I hope you enjoy seeing the new designs.  

I also want to share some photos of finished pieces that were sent to me by customers.  I love seeing the kids (my beads) all grown up. LOL ...I hope you enjoy seeing these lovely designs below.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stunning new set of four pottery beads, hot out of the kiln

I will admit that my favorite color is turquoise, so I may be biased about my love of these new beads.  The worldly mix of blues, greens and browns.  This is a combination of an experiment of glazes gone right.  I made one set for myself and loved them so much I have made a handful of sets and just posted them to my ETSY shop.  They are slightly different as I did not add the side holes on the earring beads.  The finished pieces were made by adding some copper wire to the beads by stitching it to the beads thru the set of two holes and I dangled some small glass seed beads from the set of three holes on the side.The cuff bead is 30X60 and has a  hole at each end, I attached it to a leather cuff using copper screws and nuts and a few daisy beads as washers.

 The earrings were made by adding small glass beads to the bottom using jump rings and I attaching to fish hook wires.  I also stitched some copper wire thru the bead. Please note the ones in my shop  do not have the additional side holes, I found they were not surviving productions due to their small size, so the ones in the shop are missing the additional holes.
 The pendant was made in a similar manner, I fashioned a simple bail by winding the wire around a small mandrel.  (don't have a mandrel just use a screwdriver as it is round piece of metal and will work fine)
 Here are the beads that are in the shop, BEAUTIFUL.  They cost a little more, being a supply item I really try to keep the cost as economical as possible, but these are much more labor intensive and I had to charge a tiny bit more.

Available at

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sharing some of my pottery pieces in bracelet designs

In September, I will have some bracelets in a new mall a friend of mine is opening. I am excited to have a new fun place to shop and a location to display finished pieces I have made.  If you are in the College Station, Texas area you can stop by and visit.  Here are some of the designs I will have in the shop featuring my pottery beads, natural gemstones, leather, sterling plate and pewter accents.  If you want to make your own bracelets my pottery beads are available in my shop.  I hope you enjoy!

This design features a adjustable leather cuff

A leather cord wraps multiple times around your wrist in this design
This design has a simple beaded band

Natural gemstone beads accent the pottery focal, I also have earrings to match some of the designs.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Teaching at VBS Creative Arts Camp

This week I taught 12 girls at Vacation Bible School how to make paper beads.  I promised the girls I would put their handy work on my blog.  The girls were all 4th-6th graders and we made paper beads as our art project.  To keep it simple (FOR ME) I cut scrapbook paper, comic book pages and magazines into one inch strips.  The girls used modge podge for glue and they rolled the paper around coffee stir sticks.  This made it easier for the girls to roll the beads and left a good hole for running the elastic thru the bead to assemble into cuff bracelets and necklaces.  Once the beads dried we coated the beads several times with the modge podge to help the beads be more durable.  The beads dried overnight on wax paper so they would not stick to anything.  I bought some plastic pony beads in case anyone was short on beads to complete their project and they look cute incorporated into the designs.  We used elastic from the fabric department to assemble the cuffs.  The cost of the project average $3.50 a girl and they all made 2-5 pieces.  The greatest cost was for the elastic as the cuff designed used two yards per cuff.
Cute cuffs made with rolled paper beads and pony beads

Some of the girls made necklaces to match their cuff bracelets

Our supplies and samples
 Top right shows a bead on the straw or stir stick, they came off the straws once dry,  Bottom right shows strips of paper ready to roll into beads.  I copied some funny pages and ran them thru the printer, noticed the print is only on the top of the page as you will not see the white at the bottom once the bead is rolled.  Top left is a sample of one of the girls work and the bottom left shows a cuff being tied off to complete the design.  I added a little modge podge to the knot to keep it tied securely.
Lots of fun colors

Top right shows a simple but cute pendant one of the girls made.
The diagram on the photo above was on the dry erase board to show the girls how the elastic needed to be threaded into their beads for the cuff design.  Basically the elastic enters from each end and crosses in the middle of the bead and comes out the opposite end it entered and repeat...and repeat again. It took about 16 beads to fit most of the girls. The girls had a great time, and I hope they all now have a new fun hobby to do.

Thanks, Diana, Alana, Macy, Chelsea, Elizabeth, Bre Anna, Jamie, Molly, Hanna, Callie, Favor and Maddie for a exciting week at CAC.  
Ms. Cindy

Monday, May 26, 2014

In the Hart of Dixie

Stephanie from Sassy Belle Wares on Etsy makes beautiful bracelets and one of her lovely designs was recently on Hart of Dixie a fun TV show that reminds me of allot of people I know down here in the South where I live in the great state of Texas.  Stephanie had the opportunity to gift the stylist of the hit CW Network series Hart of Dixie as part of a collaborative gift bag from The Artisan Group. Stephanie states that "Hart of Dixie is one of my absolute favorite shows so I was beyond thrilled when the bracelet was worn by actress Deborah Lacey as the character Madame Van Horn!"  The bracelet appeared in episode 22 entitled "Second Chances" which originally aired on May 16, 2014.

It features a Elli focal bead in a sunflower design in turquoise and orange made by me  and is accented with Swarovski pearls in coral, orange and turquoise and agate beads in a mix of yellow, orange, and aquas.  Stephanie has a lot of cute bracelets in her shop, stop by to see more great designs. 
Enjoy! Cindy

Deborah Lacey wearing bracelet on her left hand.
A close up of the finished piece.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wonderful tutorial using Captured Moments Pottery Beads

Claire Lockwood is a guest blogger on Art Bead Scene today and has posted a great tutorial for making a flower bracelet. She has step by step directions on how to make this design, including all the pieces she used and where to find them. Claire is from Frome, England, in the United Kingdom.  She has a cute shop at Etsy visit here there to see her beautiful pieces.  I hope you enjoy her beautiful designs.  Go to Art Bead Scene Blog to see all the details.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Color for Captured Moments Pottery Beads

I have been experimenting with some glaze combinations.  I am delighted with these, it was like Christmas when I opened the kiln and saw these beauties.  They are a great mix of blues, greens and browns.  A combination of matte and gloss.  My daughter stated that these beads look like looking at the world from the sky. They all vary a little but that is the beauty of handmade. I have some cuff beads and key hole beads ready now. I have more shapes in the kiln as I type and should have more listed soon.  I hope you enjoy the color a New World.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The kids are going on a cruise

Many of you know I lovingly call my beads the kids.  They are headed on a Bead Cruise on March 21st with Heather Power's yearly bead cruise.  I am sending her my add today.  Cruise on over to my Etsy shop between now and March 21st and mentioned the word Cruise when you check out for a free 10 pack of micro screws and nuts for cold connection included with all orders.  Have a great day.  Cindy

Monday, February 17, 2014

Recycled Brighton Tin Cuff Bracelet and Earrings

     I just wanted to share a quick how to make a cute cuff bracelet and earrings out of an old tin.  I started with a Brighton tin that I had and first cut off the sides with a pair of tin snips so that I could use the flat part of the tin.  The tin was not very large but I was able to cut a nice 2 inch strip and some basic rectangles for a pair of earrings to match.
      For the cuff I used an aluminum cuff I had purchased some time back but a brass cuff would work also.  I aligned the tin to the cuff and punched holes with a metal punch to attach the tin using micro screws and nuts.  I then filed the extra length of the micro screw so that it was flush with the nut.  I added a few of my mini pottery flower beads for accents using the micro screws and a daisy spacer bead for a nice finished look.

      For the earrings I attached two jump rings and earring wires to the top of the tin and added a daisy spacer bead for detail.  I punched a hole at the bottom of the earrings and added a mini flower pottery bead and a daisy spacer bead and used cold connection with a micro screw and nut to secure on the back of the earring.  I then filed the screws flush with the nut for a nice finished effect.  The whole project took me about 20 minutes to complete and are a fun way to use a recycled tin.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and make yourself something fun today.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thrift Store Find

I love going to the thrift store and looking at the cast offs that other people donate.  I am always on the look out for something to reuse.  This week I found a cool leather belt with a punched hole design, it was $1.50. I then went to the craft store and bought some turquoise braided ribbon and I was ready to create. 
 I cut 7 inches off the end of the belt, as I have a larger wrist, you might use more or less depending on wrist size.  I then began to sew or whip stitch the braided ribbon thru the existing holes.  I did have to cut the end off once and heat with a lighter to help the ribbon go thru the holes easier.
 Notice in the above photo where the arrow is pointing is the middle of the leather where I marked it with a pen before starting
 When I got around both sides and to the last end I tucked the ribbon under the last few stiches and did the same on the other side.
 Above you can see how the ribbon is unraveled some and I am tucking it under the existing stitches.
 A view of the other side so you can see one side finished and the other almost finished.
Above is the back of the belt where I tied a knot in the waxed linen thread to hold the bead on to the belt.
 I then sewed one of my pottery cuff beads thru the existing holes with waxed linen thread, if needed I could have punched holes.  On this one I lucked out as they were already there.
 The above photo show the cuff sewn on both sides.

 I had to punch one hole to add jump rings and a lobster claw but was able to use the existing hole on the other side.

 I made a quick pair of earrings and just attached the beads to ear-wires with jump rings and added a tiny copper bead for an accent.
 I simply threaded leather into one of my doughnut beads for a simple choker.  And tied a sliding knot to put on and off.
 These beads are in a Tahitian Blue they have a real water color effect which is fun for casual wear.
A close up of the earrings.

I wonder what people make of the loads of stuff I donate yearly to the thrift store? I think it is nice that we have the stores in our town, they benefit great causes and they are a great resource for items to reuse.  It is so much fun to find a treasure like the belt I found.  The best part is I have a large section of the belt left for another project and my daughter has already spoken for they next seven inch cut.  :)

More Show and Tell:

The following pieces were made by Carrie GrabowiczCarrie is a stay home mom of two sweet boys with lots of energy who love to have fun.  Her shop name Hammi Jammi came from a nick name she gave her boys when they were acting silly.  Carrie states that "It started off that they were "hams" if they were goofing around. Then it turned into "hambone jambone" and finally it turned into "hammi jammies."  What a fun name to use for her shop and a sweet sentiment behind the name.
 A beautiful design using one of my lavish steampunk beads.

 The above was made with an Elli bead in Autmun, the design below is also the Elli bead with flowers in Aqua Fresca.