Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grab Bag Sell

It's GRAB BAG TIME, after finally having time to go thru stock I am ready for my GRAB BAG SELL.  Also I have marked down many items 50-60% off.  I only have so much storage space and I am trying to make room for new items.  The kiln just shut off a few minutes ago and it is full of more beads that I will be adding soon.  Please also find new in my shop beads with un-glazed backs for aromatherapy; just add a few drops of essential oils to the back of the beads and your body heat will release the fragrance.

Remember going to a five and dime and buying a grab bag, here is your chance for a mix of pendants and beads. I am clearing out room for new pieces. I just listed the grab bag sell in my shop.  This is the third or fourth time that I have had the sell; many customers who purchase the grab bags return for more. 

I have pendants with bezels, small beads, cuff beads, some steampunk and a few crosses, but all and all a huge mix. Some are older designs, some are trial pieces, some have glazes that are no longer available. This might just spark your creativity or challenge you to create with what's in the box. Should be fun, with a value of $25-30 for each 10 buck bag.
Previous sells sold out quickly. While supplies last. No returns.

I have a handful of crosses, if you want crosses...please mention it at check out. Crosses will not be included in your grab bag unless you ask.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Designs

This is the last day of Summer in Texas as school officially starts tomorrow.  It is 100 plus degrees outside most days and the ground is parched from the heat.  Road trips to visit family and friends and to explore the great state of Texas are done for this Summer.  With a new school year comes the promise of new discoveries and mixed emotions.  The opportunity for my girls to discover new knowledge and friends, but more rigid schedules and no sleeping in.  Fall will bring cooler weather and a welcome relief from the Texas heat.  School sports will begin and be added to my busy schedule.  All in the great circle of life that I live as a mom and artist.   

Sometime I have a million ideas, but not enough hours to explore them.  Yet, I am thankful for the moments I spend in my roles and I am thankful when an idea becomes tangible.  I am always excited to open the kiln, to see what was earth is now art.  I love the art of pottery for its inconsistencies and variety.  That a glaze is never the same, and that it has a free nature about it.  It amazes me that mud can be manipulated and made so beautiful.  Each bead I make is made entirely by hand, from forming and cutting the mud or clay.  To texturing and shaping it, with molds that were once mud and now they become press molds to recreate a design that has been etched into them.  The kiln is the only item that requires electricity, it takes me weeks to be able to produce enough to fire the kiln and it takes approx. 9 hours to fire and more that 24 additional hours to cool before I can lift the door and see the fruit of my labor. From the day I pull the mud out and start a bead until the day it comes from the last fire of the kiln is a 6-8 week process.  So in the spirit of new discoveries, here are some of my latest designs that began at the start of summer and are just now ready to share at the end.

 These beautiful beads have a large dimensional; flower in vibrant orange and yellow.  I made this set for myself using some agate beads and cord for the pendant and one of my distressed leather cuffs and cord to assemble the cuff.  It is a beautiful set to wear.  I have these beads available in my shop.

 This Elli bead features a horse head with a leather texture background.  It is curved and would be a great start to a western bracelet.  A different type of horse below, a seahorse.  This one is flat for a pendant but I made some curved for cuffs, this is a larger version of my ELLI bead.


This is a set I made for a friend using the last of a glaze that I had (This color is no longer available) 
I mixed my beads with Azurite stones and it is a great combo of blues and greens.  I made 2 pair of earring to give her some variety. 

The above great design was made with my art washes bead by Christina Hosford.  She made the bracelet as a gift for her favorite artist friend Brandi Dayton She made her a double strand bracelet with Labradorite, Phantom Quartz, Garnets, Kiwi Jasper, Mookaite and Turquoise.   She states that "It was a really fun piece to make, and I really enjoyed working with your pottery piece."

I hope you enjoy the new designs, I will have them in my shop soon.  If you don't see them in the shop send me a message and I will send you the link.  Thanks, Cindy

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's summer...pull out the canning jars.

I was raised in the country and we canned everything we couldn't eat fast enough.  There is even a family story of a near feud between two of my great aunts due to canning jars not being returned.  When I was a kid the jars often contained SWEET jam or SWEET pickles.  If the jars were empty we drank SWEET tea or SWEET lemonade out of the jars. In the spirit of summer time canning I have made these SWEET pottery cuff beads and I have included a quick tutorial on how to make a cuff bracelet faster than you can peel a bowl of peaches. 

In a mix of blues, browns and greens
In Indian Summer
 Super simple, just take a leather cuff and punch one hole to match up with each of the holes on the bead and then punch an additional hole approx. 1/4 inch from the outside of the first two holes.  I just hold the bead in the center of the leather and I use an ice pick to make a small prick in the leather where the hole will need to go.

 Then I begin sewing the bead to the leather, I use waxed linen thread from the box chain craft stores (look where they sell leather).  After stitching thru the bead and leather a few times I tie it off in the back.

 Here are a few good shots of the knot in the back.  I find that the wax string stays tight and does not come undone.

Repeat with the other side and cut off the ends when you are done.  And faster than you can peel a bowl of peaches you have a SWEET cuff bracelet.  Enjoy!
I also wanted to share two beautiful designs using my cross beads.  The first is a Elli cuff bead made into a great bracelet by Southern Grace Jewelry and a beautiful necklace with one of my worldly mix cross pendants by Topa Topa DesignsEnjoy!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boho and Colorful

I just finished a batch of Boho and Colorful pottery beads that I have made into sets of four.  The large cuff bead is gently curved to hug your wrist and is approximately 48 mm or nearly two inches.  The pendant bead is 39 mm and the two smaller earring beads are 21mm.  They are in a mix of fun bright green, cobalt blue, tango orange aqua, and some yellow.  I just finished a fun set for myself and after wearing a few times I have received lots of compliments. I just added some colorful beads I had in my stash to complete.  I have these in the shop, I hope you enjoy creating with them.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring is in the air

It has been in the 80's here in Texas, and the flowers are blooming everywhere.  We had a great show of Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes, they are always the first to welcome Spring in Texas.  

I have a farmers tan already (tan from mid arm down) from working outside.  I have been busy making beads and I just finished a field of flower cuff beads with pendant beads to match.  I hope to have these listed in a few days but if you see something you like just message me and I will list your choice first.  These should be fun to wear with all your Spring and Summer outfits.  They would also make a great gift for mothers day.  The birds are singing outside my window now and I am enjoying the quite of the morning.  I hope you enjoy this new batch of beads.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

New designer spotlight

Laura Rendall states that creating art with her hands has always been her passion. She is new to Etsy and has recently opened Korále Art because she wanted to create unique jewelry pieces that incorporated different forms of art. The beads she uses come from places such as Austria and the Czech Republic and have a historic past.  The pendants and focal pieces she uses are created by artists here in the USA who use everything from wood to porcelain to clay. See below designs using Captured Moments pottery beads .  Also check out and follow my Pinterest Board with lots of designs using Captured Moments pottery beads.
Antique white with leaf design

In Blueberry

Rosemary bead in Seagreen

Washer bead in the color Worldly Mix

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sharing Cute Leather Cuffs

Anyone who has read my blog before knows that I refer to my beads as "the kids" well some of my kids have headed West.  These cute cuffs were made with my pottery focal beads by Emily Laurita, her shop is Rocking 27 Boutique.  Emily is a small town girl born and raised in Colorado, her fiancé and her work on a ranch based in New Mexico. She love to create jewelry and home decor when she has any free time.  I hope you enjoy seeing these cute cuffs.  I have lots of beads in my shop if your inspired to make a cuff yourself, or head over to Emily's shop for one ready to wear.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet the Almendra, an Almond shaped bracelet focal bead made of pottery

 Meet the newest shape Almendra, why Almendra? It is a beautiful almond shaped bead and being from Texas we speak some Spanish.  Almendra means almond in Spanish. These are a large focal bracelet bead, that is approx. 33X62mm (approx. 1 1/4 inch by 2 and 1/2 inches).  Curved to fit your wrist. It has holes on the sides, add a chain, leather or even macrame to finish into a bracelet. These are hand made of pottery by me a few at a time, the clay is textured, cut, dried, sanded, fired, glazed and ready for your creation. It is a 4-6 week process to turn mud into these beautiful beads.  I have a few listed in the shop and they are ready to ship.  I have more drying and will bisque fire soon, I have made them in different textures and colors also.   

Here is a peek inside the kiln, I finally thought to photograph it before unloading.  No matter how many times I fire a load it is always exciting to open the door after it has cooled and unload the beads. The upper right photo is a bowl of beads waiting to be photographed and listed.
I made just one for myself, I like the color combination and the different matte and shiny portions of the glaze.  I had a strand of 16mm round fire agate beads that I have been wanting to use and I love how this turned out.

 I also made some little tear drop shaped beads, they are drying and I will have some in the shop soon.  They will be fun to make earrings to go with the new Almendra cuff beads.