Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stunning new set of four pottery beads, hot out of the kiln

I will admit that my favorite color is turquoise, so I may be biased about my love of these new beads.  The worldly mix of blues, greens and browns.  This is a combination of an experiment of glazes gone right.  I made one set for myself and loved them so much I have made a handful of sets and just posted them to my ETSY shop.  They are slightly different as I did not add the side holes on the earring beads.  The finished pieces were made by adding some copper wire to the beads by stitching it to the beads thru the set of two holes and I dangled some small glass seed beads from the set of three holes on the side.The cuff bead is 30X60 and has a  hole at each end, I attached it to a leather cuff using copper screws and nuts and a few daisy beads as washers.

 The earrings were made by adding small glass beads to the bottom using jump rings and I attaching to fish hook wires.  I also stitched some copper wire thru the bead. Please note the ones in my shop  do not have the additional side holes, I found they were not surviving productions due to their small size, so the ones in the shop are missing the additional holes.
 The pendant was made in a similar manner, I fashioned a simple bail by winding the wire around a small mandrel.  (don't have a mandrel just use a screwdriver as it is round piece of metal and will work fine)
 Here are the beads that are in the shop, BEAUTIFUL.  They cost a little more, being a supply item I really try to keep the cost as economical as possible, but these are much more labor intensive and I had to charge a tiny bit more.

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  1. The finish on these pieces is just wonderful not to mention how you made them into art to wear!