Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ready for Fall

The weather finally dropped to the 70's here in Texas, wow Fall is on the way. In the spirit of Fall I have new designs that bring on the feel of the crisp air and the changes of seasons.  I have been having fun enjoying combining glazes to create Fall inspired combinations. Here are some of the new combinations.  I will have all posted in the shop soon.
Caribbean and Copper

Copper Brown and Autumn

Aqua and Tutu Tango
 This Boho inspired set includes a pottery cuff bead and a coordinating pendant bead.  The acorn cuff was made by making a mold of an real acorn from the oak trees in my yard.
         And more sets with a pottery cuff focal bead and a pendant bead.

Stormy Blue and Tidal Pool Green

Mocha Mint and Espresso
Black Ice and Bright Tamale Red

Mirror Blue and Autumn
 A feel of earth and sky above and just the earth below.
Espresso and Rare Earth Brown
A set of 4 pottery beads in a mix of matte and gloss black and a touch of red
The black and red set is a combination of matte and gloss black and red.  It is almost like a volcanic eruption, and the colors mix is gorgeous and earthy.  This would make a great set with metal or thread woven amongst the holes.  See most blog post below for a sample of this design in a combination of blues and greens.  I have more that I will be adding soon, I hope you enjoy seeing the new designs.  

I also want to share some photos of finished pieces that were sent to me by customers.  I love seeing the kids (my beads) all grown up. LOL ...I hope you enjoy seeing these lovely designs below.

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