Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thrift Store Find

I love going to the thrift store and looking at the cast offs that other people donate.  I am always on the look out for something to reuse.  This week I found a cool leather belt with a punched hole design, it was $1.50. I then went to the craft store and bought some turquoise braided ribbon and I was ready to create. 
 I cut 7 inches off the end of the belt, as I have a larger wrist, you might use more or less depending on wrist size.  I then began to sew or whip stitch the braided ribbon thru the existing holes.  I did have to cut the end off once and heat with a lighter to help the ribbon go thru the holes easier.
 Notice in the above photo where the arrow is pointing is the middle of the leather where I marked it with a pen before starting
 When I got around both sides and to the last end I tucked the ribbon under the last few stiches and did the same on the other side.
 Above you can see how the ribbon is unraveled some and I am tucking it under the existing stitches.
 A view of the other side so you can see one side finished and the other almost finished.
Above is the back of the belt where I tied a knot in the waxed linen thread to hold the bead on to the belt.
 I then sewed one of my pottery cuff beads thru the existing holes with waxed linen thread, if needed I could have punched holes.  On this one I lucked out as they were already there.
 The above photo show the cuff sewn on both sides.

 I had to punch one hole to add jump rings and a lobster claw but was able to use the existing hole on the other side.

 I made a quick pair of earrings and just attached the beads to ear-wires with jump rings and added a tiny copper bead for an accent.
 I simply threaded leather into one of my doughnut beads for a simple choker.  And tied a sliding knot to put on and off.
 These beads are in a Tahitian Blue they have a real water color effect which is fun for casual wear.
A close up of the earrings.

I wonder what people make of the loads of stuff I donate yearly to the thrift store? I think it is nice that we have the stores in our town, they benefit great causes and they are a great resource for items to reuse.  It is so much fun to find a treasure like the belt I found.  The best part is I have a large section of the belt left for another project and my daughter has already spoken for they next seven inch cut.  :)

More Show and Tell:

The following pieces were made by Carrie GrabowiczCarrie is a stay home mom of two sweet boys with lots of energy who love to have fun.  Her shop name Hammi Jammi came from a nick name she gave her boys when they were acting silly.  Carrie states that "It started off that they were "hams" if they were goofing around. Then it turned into "hambone jambone" and finally it turned into "hammi jammies."  What a fun name to use for her shop and a sweet sentiment behind the name.
 A beautiful design using one of my lavish steampunk beads.

 The above was made with an Elli bead in Autmun, the design below is also the Elli bead with flowers in Aqua Fresca.

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