Friday, May 25, 2012

Tutorial for toggle bar

I have just made a new style of clasp out of pottery with the option of the designer making their own bar to match their design.  The toggle is made of pottery and there are lots of ways to make a handcrafted bar for the toggle out of the wire but here is one example.  With step by step instructions.
Cut about a 8-9 inch piece of wire that is heavier in gauge, about 16 gauge is good.

Slide a bead (this one is 8mm) on to the wire at about a third of the way.

Fold the wire on either side of the bead as in photo.

With your round nose pliers pinch in the wire below the bead.

Here you can see how the wire should look.
Place your round nose pliers about a half inch from your bead.
Bend the wire to form a hook.
Take your round nose pliers and wrap wire forming a loop.  Trim the short wire to be even with your loop

After the loop is formed hold the loop with flat nose pliers and use needle nose pliers to wrap the tail end of the wire around your toggle bar.  Cut off any extra wire.

Here is the finished piece, add a jump ring to the other hole to attach to your design.
The wire toggle bar finished.
Capture a Moment to create something beautiful and Enjoy!

The pottery pieces are available in my Etsy shop.

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  1. What a very clever idea, Cindy! You will no doubt see me give this a try! Is it all right if I spread the word on this tutorial further? It gives me an idea to do a blog entry on my favorite tutorials!

    Thanks for sharing this! I always make my own clasps and it's great to have new ideas! --Sharyl