Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recycled Blue Jeans Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

I love denim, so comfy and casual.  I recycled part of a leg of jeans and made a cute wrap bracelet and wanted to share the process.  I started by ripping a one inch strip of denim from an old pants leg.  The strip is approx. 16 inches, you may need more or less depending on your wrist size.  I frayed the edges by removing some of the threads from the sides of the denim.  Be sure and rip the length of the jean leg, the part that goes up and down. Then gather your supplies, I have scissors, needle and thread, jump rings, a 4 inch piece of 8 gauge copper, a hammer, some pliers, a metal block and one of my oval pottery links.

 Fold over approx. a 1/2 inch of the denim and stitch with a running stitch to make a loop.

 Knot the thread to finish and then add one heavy duty copper jump ring in thru the denim loop.
 Add a 2nd copper jump ring.  Repeat with the other side of the denim.
 Attach one of my pottery oval links.  This one is in stormy blue.
 Take about 4 inches of 8 gauge copper wire and form a circle with your round nose pliers.

 Flatten the link with your hammer and metal block.  Cut the ends so they are the same size and hang over the opening of the pottery link about a 1/4 of an inch.  This is a simple toggle but you could make a fancier one if you wanted to.  Attach the toggle to the other side of the denim. 
One side now has a toggle and one side the pottery link.

 Wrap the denim around your wrist, and secure with the link and toggle.  Easy Peasy, and ready for wearing.  Mine is going to be a Christmas gift, and as easy as these are you might want to make several of these. You could use ribbon, sari silk, embellish the denim strip, extend the length of the denim and wrap multiple times.....endless combinations.  Enjoy!

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