Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Softball bracelet tutorial

 I saw a really cute bracelet on Pinterest made out of a baseball, and my oldest daughter loves softball so I decide to give it a try. I bought a practice softball at Target's it was under $5.00 bucks. I really liked that it was half pink and half yellow as I knew it would make a great reversible bracelet. It was sized more to the size of a baseball which is perfect as I feel a real softball would have been to large.  This ball was made out of a vinyl of sorts and not leather.

I was able to use sissors to cut apart the stitching and carefully take the ball apart. I was left with two pieces.

These are the two pieces of the ball once it was taken apart.  Line them up back to back and then stitch using red embroidery thread. I added a jump ring and lobster claw in the middle of each side to finish.  I used a Mr. Clean scrub pad to remove as much of the writing as I could.  I think it is cute how it is reversible, and for about $6.00 worth of total supplies I think it will be a fun piece for my teen daughter.

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