Sunday, January 5, 2014

Show and Tell

What fun to be a kid and have show and tell day at school.  I just want to share some designs using my pottery beads.  It is always fantastic to see what my beads have become once they go to their new homes. Check my shop for all these pottery beads, and I am constantly adding new colors and designs.
These were made by Lori, Lori has been making western cuffs using my beads and leather, super cute.

Galen has made these lovely pendants using some of my pottery beads.  

Nicki Lynn has made a cross cuff bracelet and a bird pendant that are really nice.

Stephanie has a talent for combining colors to make exciting western cuff bracelets.  Please note that the Y'all beads are a design she had me custom make for her so you will not find them in my shop.  Have a great idea for a personal design? Just contact me for the details on how you can have your own personalized beads.

Thanks for looking and have a Healthy, Happy New Year.  Until next time...Cindy


  1. Hey Cindy!!
    Thanks for sharing my Y'ALL bracelets!
    Happy New Year:0)

  2. Stephanie, Thanks for the beautiful designs you always come up with I know there are a lot of lucky ladies wearing your great designs. Cindy