Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Bead Designs

I just received my April issue of Bead Trends (I know you love the magazine as much as I do...but don't worry if your is not in the mail box yet, mine came early!!! WHY YOU ASK?).  I have two designs featured in the April 2013 issue.  The first design is a necklace with matching earrings in my new half circle sweet daisy beads.  It was made with copper chain and Swarovski crystal bicone beads in topaz.
Beads: 5 half circle golden brown pottery beads with daisy’s www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
qty 4 8mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads in topaz artbeads.com
Chain: 22 inches of copper chain www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
Jump rings: qty. 14 9mm copper jump rings www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
Lobster claw clasp: one 15mm www.CapturedMoments.ETSY.com
Head pins: qty. 4 2 inch copper head pins artbeads.com
Copper daisy beads: qty. 4 5mm copper daisy spacer beads. Artbeads.com
Ear wires: qty. 2 copper ear wires www.artbeads.com
Step by step instructions:


1. Take one head pin and place one copper daisy spacer bead, then one topaz bicone bead; make a simple loop.  To make a simple loop use your chain nose pliers and bend the head pin to make a 90 degree angle above your bicone bead.  Then with the wire end facing towards you grip the end with the your round nose pliers and wrap the wire away from you by turning the round nose pliers to make a nice loop. Then wrap the wire around the bottom of the loop to secure.  Cut off any excess wire.  Repeat to make a total of 4 simple loops.  2 will be used with the earring and 2 with the necklace.

2. Cut 2 pieces of 3 inch copper chain.

3. Attach one piece of the 3 inch copper chain to one of the pottery beads with a jump ring, attach the other end of the chain to the other side of the bead.

4. Carefully open the bottom loop of the ear wire and attach the copper chain that is now attached to the pottery bead into the center point of the chain.  Add the topaz bead loop to the opening also.  Close the bottom loop of the ear wire and repeat to finish 2nd earring.


1. Cut two pieces of 7 ½ inches of copper chain.  Take 4 jump rings and attach a jump ring to each end of each piece of chain.

2. Attach one of the pottery daisy beads to one of the jump rings on the copper chain. 

3.  Attach the 2nd pottery daisy bead to the first with a jump ring, add another jump ring and then attach the last pottery daisy bead to the other beads.  You will have a total of 3 pottery beads and each will be spaced with 3 jump rings. I used a oval jump ring in the middle of the three jump rings for interest.

4.  Attach the remaining chain to the pottery daisy bead with a jump ring. 

5.  Add a topaz bicone bead to the center jump ring to the right and left of the center pottery bead.  See finished piece.

6. Add a lobster claw to one of the chain ends.

7. Enjoy!

I also have a bangle in the April 2013 Bead Trends Magazine (see page 46-47) it is made using one of my pottery heart beads.A simple design using copper wire from the electrical supply store.


Wire: 16 inches of 8 gauge copper wire, from the hardware store, electrical dept.
And 16 inches of 12 gauge wire
Bead: Pottery heart bead in Malachite Green from CapturedMoments.etsy.com

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Cut a 16 inch piece of 8 gauge copper wire and make a larger loop at one end this will be part of the clasp.

2. Thread pottery bead unto the 8 gauge wire.

3. Bend the wire around a bracelet mandrel, or an oval shaped object. I use the handle of an axe from the garage.  You want to then check the sizing and see if it would fit your wrist comfortably.  Cut off any excess wire leaving ¾ inch extra to make a simple hook for your bangle.  Carefully flatten the wire on the bangle using a bench block and hammer, make sure your bead is in place where you want it and flatten the wire around the bead being careful not to hit the bead.  It is helpful if the bead hole is large enough to slide the bead out of the way while shaping the copper wire.  Flatten the copper wire of the bangle to add detail. 

4. Shape a simple hook to the remaining end.

5. Take a 2 inch piece of 8 gauge wire and fashion an “S” curve or other shape to accent your bangle. Or any design that you like.

6. Flatten the copper “S” shape using a hammer and a metal bench block.

7. Attach the “S” shape to the bangle near the bead with the thinner wire.  Wrap with wire to secure and wrap on each side of the heart bead to secure the pottery bead from sliding on your bangle.

8. Wrap the loop closure with wire to secure.

9. If you have a torch or a gas oven you can carefully hold your finished piece to the heat for a few seconds to torch fire the copper, changing its colors.  If you see colors you like on the copper, stop the torch firing as you cannot bring your piece back to those colors.  The pottery bead will not be affected by a quick flicker of heat. 

I hope you enjoy the tutorials. 


  1. So beautiful!
    And thank you for the instructions. You rock :)

  2. Cindy, I love your beads and your designs! I always recognize your pieces when I see them because you have such a distinct style.

  3. Peggy & Laurel, Thanks so much for your kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed the entry. Cindy Kovar