Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabric curved button bracelet tutorial

Happy New Year!!! Now that Christmas has passed I can share these cute bracelets I made as gifts.  They are made with a DIY covered button kit, fabric, and a sterling silver bracelet base.  I found some cute fabric to match the personalities of my girls.  One has loved outer space forever and the other loves bright colors.  I bought 1/8 of a yard of fabric, more than I could ever use but they would  not sell me less at the store.
 The button kit comes with a paper template and you cut the fabric out using the template on a part of the fabric that you like.  Take the fabric put it into the button maker (a plastic cup thing that is part of the kit) put the rounded part of the button on top of the fabric. 

Remove the button shank with a pair of pliers from the button back (this can be done by pinching the shank with a pair of pliers and it will remove fairly easy, or you could cut it off with wire cutters) and then tuck the fabric into the back of the button, and place the button back on top of the fabric that has been tucked in.

I forgot to remove the button shank on this one but I removed it with a pair of needle nose pliers after I made this button.
    Use the little pushing tool (see blue object in photo) the button back will crimp to the front making a finished button.

 Here is a finished buttonNow repeat until you have enough for your project.  I coated my buttons with diamond glaze to water proof them and help keep them clean.  I then glued the buttons to the sterling silver bracelet base, the 3/4 inch buttons fit perfect.  I used E-6000 glue which is great for projects like this.

 Bright colors and outer space, two fun looks from different fabrics.

  The above photo shows the back of the finished button.  These are really cute and would be a fun addition to an outfit.  I made earring by just attaching an earring back to the button using E-6000 glue.  
Happy New Year and Enjoy Creating.

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