Thursday, October 25, 2012

What’s in a name?

When I was first pregnant with my first child I can remember spending hours pouring over baby name books with my husband looking for the perfect name.  Why do you need to know this? Just to let you know it is not easy for me to come up with names.  When I first opened the shop and had to name beads it was the cuff bead, the disk bead, the rectangle bead.  Good, but what happens when you have multiple beads and you have to keep them separate and you can only have so many rectangle beads.  So I started naming the beads girls names.  A customer even asked me if my daughters name was Elli when I introduced the Elli bead, no… umm it is Elliptical so now it is the Elli bead. 
Meet the Elli bead

 The Carmine, well …umm there is a tiny town about an hour from my home and I saw something that inspired the shape and the town is named Carmine so I called the bead by the town I was in when inspiration hit.  
The Carmine Bead

Now I have a fabulous new bead I am working on I have made the test pieces but I am not ready to unveil the design and I am going to name it?  Umm again? I am still thinking.  The good news is it is only a bead and not a child I am naming now.

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