Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leather Cuff Using Recycled Upcycled Leather Tutorial

Free Tutorial, this is so easy you can make it today and wear it today. :)


1. Find an old belt that doesn't fit anymore or one from a thrift store.  Cut off approx. 7 1/4 inches of the leather (for a large cuff-less if your wrist is smaller)Most belts will make 3-6 cuff bracelets or more depending on the size of the belt and the cuffs you make.
2.  Choose a great pottery focal bead.  I have several 100 to choose from I used the 30x60 mm cuff bead.
3.  Gather your leather punch, an ice pick would work also (just be careful).
 4.  Micro screws are used to cold connect (Cold connection refers to the process of joining together two pieces of metal without the use of heat) the pieces. I use a screwdriver to attach the screws like one you would use to repair eyeglasses.  The ends of the micro screws can easily be cut off if too long using wire cutters, and filed if needed with a household file to debur the edges.  I will often put a tiny drop of glue to make sure the screws do not loosen as the cuff is worn.
Stainless steel micro screws and nuts
 5. A pair of decorative ends in sterling silver plate.
These are reversable

1. Cut the leather to size about 7 inches.
2. Hold the decorative end to the top end of the leather and mark where the screws will go.  Punch with leather punch.
3.  Attach decorative end using the micro screws and nuts.  Trim excess if needed with wire cutters.

One side attached to the decorative end
The back of the cuff

4.  Repeat with other side and attach a jump ring to one side and a lobster claw to the other side.
5.  Choose a cuff bead and mark the center placement on the leather using a pencil to indicate hole placement.  Make holes with leather punch and attach with micro screws and nuts thru the top of the bead, down into the leather, and finishing in the back with the nut.  Trim screw if necessary with wire cutters.  The screw should hold the bead to the leather but do not over tighten as you could break the bead. 

The back of the cuff before the screws were trimmed with wire cutters
 The finished bracelet, so cute and so easy.  How many will you make?

Leather cuff with pottery cowgirl bead
 I hope you enjoy creating with this free leather cuff and pottery bead tutorial.